Room Project is a Space for Women + Non-Binary Writers + Artists

Located at 6513 Woodward Avenue in Detroit, Room Project is a space for women and non-binary writers and artists to work individually and collaboratively. We are unique in that we ask our members to engage with each other around their artistic practices as a point of membership.

At Room Project we recognized a need for intersectional creative community in Detroit and responded with a call for women and non-binary writers to move their artistic practices into a (semi) public sphere.

We offer a place for new and seasoned writers alike; for people with defined creative projects, and those whose ambitions are still evolving. At Room Project, you will find an alliance of thinking, working peers in a context where support, safety, and focus can flourish. Access for all is the top priority.

Room Project offers two types of membership levels:

+Community membership level includes 24 hour use of our workspace, communal tables, printer, library and access to podcast equipment. We have three options:

$50 per month with no time commitment
$40 per month with 2 hours of volunteering
$30 per month with 3 hours of volunteering

+Desk membership level gives writers an individual desk of their own (desks are limited--first come, first served), and everything above. $100/mo.

+Sign up for membership at

Members are encouraged to attend a monthly meeting to discuss their on-going projects // Drop-ins welcome, please leave $5 in our donation box // Get in touch, ask questions at: info(at)