Room Project is a Space for Women + Non-Binary Writers + Artists


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Complex People Book Club – Wednesdays

June 7, Reading #12: A Free Woman with Rewa Zeinati + Yasmine Rukia + City of Djinn

June 10, Fiction Workshop: Small Neat Worlds with Kelsey Ronan

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Poetry Workshop: Out of Body with Nadine Marshall

Code Poetry with the School for Poetic Computation

Art Writing for Artists

Reading #11: Winter Fellows Reading with Johnson, Morris, Nichele, Rogers

Artist Talk: Yasmine Diaz


Reading #10: Evelyn Hampton + Lynn Crawford

The Spoke Reading Series, ft. All of Us

A Real Poetry Unit: Workshop for Educators by Educators

Reading #9: Asia Johnson + Megan Stockton

The Poet XBook Club + Workshop

Women in Media Meet Up Night #3

Reading 7: Aisha Sabatini Sloan and Hannah Ensor

Three Plays

Reading 6: Kristen Roupenian

Lying, Cheating, Stealing, Dreaming

Professional Photography

Inside of the Box

Happy Birthday, Susan Sontag

Creative Non-Fiction

Bana Kabalan Chimera

SPOKE Reading Series 4 ft. Lia Greenwell

SPOKE Reading Series 3 ft. Tenita C. Johnson

Reading 5: For the Love of Boys: A Chapbook Release Reading

C& Workshop

SPOKE Reading Series 2 ft. Justin Rogers

Reading 4: Mixon + Turner open Detroit Art Book Fair

Art Writing as an Act of Love

Mercenaries Get Paid

SPOKE Reading Series 1 ft. La Shaun phoenix Moore

Future Spells

For the Potential of Literature

Reading 3: Nandi Comer and Dina Paulson-McEwen

Belle Aisle; Burning Bush

OR NOT Performance

Women in Media Meet Up Night

Reading 2: Kamelya Omayma Youssef and Mïïgun

8-Week Prose: Fiction and Creative Non-fiction

Whose Imagination Are You Living In?

Reading 1: Molly Soda, Marcyanne Hannemann, Maya Martinez, Megan Stockton